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Sunday School: Who is God


This was one of my hardest time teaching the 1st graders in Sunday School because it was hard to control the kids. A lot of the kids there grew up with each other so they love to talk to one another.

Stemmed Heart Flower

Stemmed Heart Flower

Here's the breakdown of my lesson on Who is God:

  1. Activity Sheets

    • What: I ripped pieces of coloring and writing activities from a Christian activity book I got from the dollar store.

    • Purpose: I wanted my kids to stay busy and I think worksheets is one of the best things for the kids to do before everyone arrives. It's hard to have everyone do one thing together when the kids are coming in one at a time.

  2. Pray

  3. Activity

    • What: Make sounds and have the kids guess what makes that sound (cat, bell, motorcycle, ambulance, etc...)

    • Purpose: Today's lesson is about listening. Moses needed to listen to God.

  4. Hook

    • What: Ask the kids Who is God? And after you hear some answers let them know that in today's lesson we will learn that God is also I AM WHO I AM. Not a name we hear often but is God's name.

  5. Lesson

    • Ex. 3:1 - 4:7 - Moses and the burning bush. God was speaking to Moses to go to Egypt to let his people go because His people were suffering. Moses questioned what he should say to the people of Israel if they ask who sent him and he questioned that other people won't believe him. God told him to tell the people that I AM has sent Moses and gave Moses powerful signs to tell the people of what God has done (staff to snake, hand leprous).

    • We didn't read all the verses because it would've been hard for the kids to understand so I told the story and had them read key points.

      • chapter 3 v.2, 4, 7, 11, 13, 14, chapter 4 v.1, 2-4, 6-7

  6. Activity - Valentine's Day Card/Stemmed Heart Flower (photo above)

    • What: Make a Valentine's Day card for your parents and create a flower.

    • Purpose: You can love others because God loved you first.