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My Current Priorities


February has been a busy month for Aaron and I. Beginning of January I got pretty stressed about all the things I had to do. So Aaron helped me make a list of my priorities. I'm not saying I rather do one than the other but if you gave me a task in each category, I would do it in this order.

  1. Family
    This involves household stuff and spending time with family. Household stuff like cleaning the house and making sure we have lunch and dinner food prep. Seems like this shouldn't be my main priority but keeping a home organized keeps me sane and it's a way that I can serve my husband.
  2. Aaron
    Aaron and I have been Disney Annual Passholders ever since we were dating and Disneyland and Disney California Adventure has been our go to dating spot since. It's a good time for us to be together, stay creative, and have a good break.
  3. Church
    I teach Sunday school every 4 weeks, attend our young adult group on Thursdays, counsel 5th grade girls on Friday nights, have small group once a month on Saturdays, and just go to church to learn about God and to worship with others. I'm committed to our church and I love it. We've been praying if we should stop serving in some of the ministries but as for now we want to keep going.
  4. Work
    This means my actual full-time job as a graphic designer. This might not be considered a priority since it's something I have to do anyway. But I would put it here.
  5. Freelance
    I focus on my paid freelance work first and then I'll do my unpaid ones. I would work on freelance after dinner or go to a coffee shop on the weekend to finish up my work. I love freelance work and wish I could make it a higher priority but that's just not doable right now.
  6. Blogging
    I only blog twice a week and that's still a bit tough for me. I want to create quality content, which takes me about 1 hour to 4 hours to create/write. It's been getting harder to blog twice a week since this blog isn't my main priority. Sounds so negative! But looking at this list it makes sense right?
  7. Designing for church
    We're updating our church since it's been 30 years since we did anything major to it exteriorly, interiorly, and now digitally. I'm excited to design for our church but it has been real slow progress :(

All of these things are exciting but it's just about balancing my time and being wise on what to take on and to say no to.

Things are still on the wild side but without God and the support from Aaron, I don't know how I'm beasting through everything right now. And I still got the chance to relax over the weekend and show binge. God has really given us time to just relax in the midst of all this.


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I am very excited for this year! Aaron and I have a lot of fun plans ahead and I look forward to sharing our plans with you all here. Here are my #goals for this year.

Listen to audio books and podcasts
Since graduating college, I've been slacking off in all things reading and learning. So I really need to step it up this year. But I'm just going to start off with listening to books. I've never been much of a reader but I'm hoping to get thru listening to the whole Harry Potter series this year. Seems like one of those books everyone needs to read right?

Aaron is really good at listening to podcasts when he's driving and I want to do the same. I've been listening to NPR on my way to work but I want to include podcasts like The Briefing, Ask Pastor John, Serial, and some other fun podcast during my commute.

Eat smart
Towards the end of 2015, Aaron and I have been getting sick. Unfortunately, one of my sickness was due to inhaling too much spray paint. Whatever the case, Aaron and I vowed less consumption of fast food and more acai bowls and salmon. Because they are both really tasty, why not eat something you love?

Finish furnishing and decorating
It's time to get control of our home. We've been moving very slowly in our home and we're tired of the slow pace. So we're speeding it up and getting our furnishing and decorating in order.

We don't need a lot and we're resolving to keep it that way and to live life simple. And a part of that is using the money God has blessed us with for others - whether it is through design and music, service, or monetary giving.

Since moving in, we've realized how much STUFF we collected. We just have way too much stuff. The good thing about this STUFF is that we can get rid of it with intention. A lot of the things I own are craft supplies that can be used and given away as gifts. You'll see more of those things on the blog.

Cleaning Up


After our walk through we cleaned the house everywhere! Just kidding...I wish. We did clean our floors, cabinets, counters, windows, and all our clothes though - which I felt was the biggest accomplishment. It took many loads but it feels so good. I highly recommend washing all your clothes when moving especially since clothes collect a lot of dust. And once you put your dirty clothes up to hang it's game over.

There were some grout and other dirty stuff on our counters. So to get rid of that we used a razor and slid it across. It's great because it doesn't scratch our granite tops.


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Before moving in we did a walk-through of the condo to make sure things were in order and to see if there's anything that needed to be fixed. Not everything can be fixed and not everything will be perfect so I didn't want to expect too much. You know when you buy a shirt and you make sure there's no stray thread? No problem cause you just grab another shirt until you find no flaws! Not the case here.

Before we started the walk-through I bought this pretty tape. It makes taping things a lot more fun. Aaron and I walked around the condo and taped anything and everything we saw - dents, missing paint, floor molding mishaps, missing grout, smoothness of door...anythinggggg. We were picky and we knew not everything will be fixed by the builders but at least we can remember to fix it ourselves.

We also checked every electrical plug to make sure they were working.

And we opened all drawers to make sure it was working properly.

GUYS GUYS it's been crazy


We moved our bodies in 3 Fridays ago and it's a mess! Oh boy has it been a mess. But we've made some good progress. BUT FIRST! Let me catch you guys up. After we packed, we returned our keys to our first apartment as a married couple. Reminds me of the last episode of Friends. Nostalgia. Except I'm happy.

Tips for Packing

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We are very slow to pack. I thought we were going at a good pace but the night before we had to move, I didn't think we could finish on time. My parents helped us pack and we just stuffed boxes and threw away a lot of things. Yay to buying new things though! Here are some tips I've gathered. Half of these I didn't do and wish I did.

  1. Buy boxes - don't be frugal. Home Depot sells mediums boxes for under $2. I collected Amazon boxes for 4 months thinking that it would be enough. But it wasn't enough and the boxes just cluttered our apartment.
  2. Label boxes - top and all sides. When you move, you stack the boxes so it's hard to tell what it's in each box. We labeled our boxes with who it belonged to, what's in the box, and what room it should go in.
  3. Bag of cleaning supplies - we set aside these things so that we can clean our home before we unpack our belongings.
  4. Bag of food supplies and utensils - essential for those long hours of moving.
  5. Week's worth of clothes - after packing all our clothes, it just becomes a hassle to have to sort through boxes to find your clothes.
  6. Hire movers - the best tip I can give. We still moved a bit but this took a lot of stress away. We didn't strain our backs and we just directed the movers to move the boxes where they should go. All of our stuff were moved safely too. It took about 7 hours total.

After moving all our things I wanted to call it quits and never move again. From packing to finally moving things, it becomes a hassle. I'm just excited that we're done with that part. Now to unpacking!

Reasons for buying THIS condo


Buying a condo was never a choice for Aaron and I. We wanted to just buy a home where we can live until we die. Condo's aren't ideal because we want to have a huge humongous family. Kidding, kidding...kidding. Just as many as we can afford. And knowing that we'll be "sharing" a space with other people was not attractive at all. But behold, we are going to be living in a condo for at least 8 years or until we can afford to buy a house. Here are a couple of reasons why we bought THIS condo.

  1. Location - it's on Main St. in Alhambra where there are lots of restaurants and shopping, a movie theater and some bars. It's a block or two away from KBBQ, shaved snow, karaoke, and best of all...boba! When I was in high school I thought it would be so cool to live in New York and live in a loft above restaurants...this is so not NYC but I can pretend. This is as urban as I can get without getting frustrated at limited parking and crowds.
  2. Style - we don't know what words describe our style yet but we know for sure we like wood and white. Our place has white kitchen cabinets and stainless steel appliances. The flooring is wood or what looks like it...I don't care if we're deceived. It looks like it so that's all that matters. But I'm whatever about the granite on the kitchen and bathroom counters. Maybe one day we'll change it to wood.
  3. Investment - our hope is to eventually move out of this condo and rent it out. Aaron and I don't know much about investment and we don't like to take risks but after talking to my parents, we thought this would be a good place to start. We can live in the ham life a bit longer and enjoy the proximity of entertainment and good asian food and then we can jet out and live the old suburban life, which I'm looking forward to.
  4. Proximity - this reason is more of a plus. My grandma moved to Alhambra first, then my brother and his wife, then my parents...and now us. It's nice to know our family is less than 5 minutes away from each other. And that'll be helpful if we ever need babysitting help...or if we need (and want) to babysit my nephew :)

So there you go. Some updates to leave with you: we are currently packing up our things and hoping to move soon. So you're getting a live update!

A dream house?


We recently made an announcement that we bought a condo in Alhambra and we are so anxious! It was undoubtedly God's work. We've been dreaming of owning a house since we got married so our mind was always buy a HOUSE (not a condo) and nothing less than that. Here is a list of our MUST HAVES and what really happened:

Our list of MUST HAVES were all we can think about. Every home we looked at, I was visually check marking this list in my mind...5 bedrooms? Good. But $600k? No thank you. Our wants v. what we got was not close at all. So it was such a surprise and blessing to us when God led us to this condo and when we thought YES this is it. He leads us to unexpected things.

On Friday I'll be sharing WHY we decided to buy our condo.