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Kitchen Thinking

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When I think about house hunting and decorating I either think about the look of the kitchen or the look of the art room. Last night I saw this gorgeous kitchen! I was always a pure white kitchen type of person but when I saw this I had to rethink. I asked Aaron what he thought and he preferred this black accent kitchen because the black and wood adds something special to the space. But when I think about it, I would want a white tiled backsplash for easy cleaning unless there's such a thing as a wood backsplash that's easy to clean? What do you guys think?

Then the pure white!

But then, black, gold, and white!

And then you also have to consider about the kids and how these cabinets and counters will get messy and scratched up! Oh the troubles but it's so much more exciting!

Vinyl Diamond Wall

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Our apartment colors are black and white...such bland colors but I love it. I want that simplistic and modern feeling with those specific colors and so for one of our bedroom walls I fancied it up with vinyl.

Vinyl Wall 6.jpg

I started by cutting out black diamond shape vinyls (1 x 1 inches) and then I used string to make sure my vinyl diamonds were spaced out evenly. It took longer than expected and it didn't go as smoothly as I had hoped for. It worked but I'm sure there's a better way to do it.

Vinyl Wall 1.jpg
Vinyl Wall 2.jpg

So here's how it looked like before:

Vinyl Wall 4.jpg
Vinyl Wall 5.jpg

This is a very cheap and doable project...and it'll be so easy to peel away when we move out. I still wake up everyday so happy because of our dressed up wall.

CB2 Findings

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We're not close to owning a house yet but I love to imagine how it will be. I've been looking at tiles, furniture and some things I can build and I hope to share it with you guys soon. Here are some things I found at cb2 that I'm adoring right now. I'm into gold, clean, and fresh things. Can you tell?