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Foreign Creatures


Reasons for buying THIS condo


Buying a condo was never a choice for Aaron and I. We wanted to just buy a home where we can live until we die. Condo's aren't ideal because we want to have a huge humongous family. Kidding, kidding...kidding. Just as many as we can afford. And knowing that we'll be "sharing" a space with other people was not attractive at all. But behold, we are going to be living in a condo for at least 8 years or until we can afford to buy a house. Here are a couple of reasons why we bought THIS condo.

  1. Location - it's on Main St. in Alhambra where there are lots of restaurants and shopping, a movie theater and some bars. It's a block or two away from KBBQ, shaved snow, karaoke, and best of all...boba! When I was in high school I thought it would be so cool to live in New York and live in a loft above restaurants...this is so not NYC but I can pretend. This is as urban as I can get without getting frustrated at limited parking and crowds.
  2. Style - we don't know what words describe our style yet but we know for sure we like wood and white. Our place has white kitchen cabinets and stainless steel appliances. The flooring is wood or what looks like it...I don't care if we're deceived. It looks like it so that's all that matters. But I'm whatever about the granite on the kitchen and bathroom counters. Maybe one day we'll change it to wood.
  3. Investment - our hope is to eventually move out of this condo and rent it out. Aaron and I don't know much about investment and we don't like to take risks but after talking to my parents, we thought this would be a good place to start. We can live in the ham life a bit longer and enjoy the proximity of entertainment and good asian food and then we can jet out and live the old suburban life, which I'm looking forward to.
  4. Proximity - this reason is more of a plus. My grandma moved to Alhambra first, then my brother and his wife, then my parents...and now us. It's nice to know our family is less than 5 minutes away from each other. And that'll be helpful if we ever need babysitting help...or if we need (and want) to babysit my nephew :)

So there you go. Some updates to leave with you: we are currently packing up our things and hoping to move soon. So you're getting a live update!

A dream house?


We recently made an announcement that we bought a condo in Alhambra and we are so anxious! It was undoubtedly God's work. We've been dreaming of owning a house since we got married so our mind was always buy a HOUSE (not a condo) and nothing less than that. Here is a list of our MUST HAVES and what really happened:

Our list of MUST HAVES were all we can think about. Every home we looked at, I was visually check marking this list in my mind...5 bedrooms? Good. But $600k? No thank you. Our wants v. what we got was not close at all. So it was such a surprise and blessing to us when God led us to this condo and when we thought YES this is it. He leads us to unexpected things.

On Friday I'll be sharing WHY we decided to buy our condo.

Our Big Announcement!


Yes!! We are sooo very excited that we found a place to live and own! After 6 months, we found a place we love and are about to close escrow. It's a blessing that it's ONLY been 6 months. We've heard and now know that house hunting can be exhausting...and though the first home we placed a bid on did not go thru escrow, we're glad on the outcome.

I'll be sharing the process of buying a home and starting anew! Expect to read about Aaron and our struggles, what we looked for in purchasing a home, and most'll get to see our home and how we decide on stylizing it! We're both very excited to make our home inviting, us, and prettttyy. Yes, it's going to be good! And we're excited to have more parties and fun.

Where Have I Been?

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I have no idea! Missing a day of posting became missing weeks of posting. I've been trying to figure out what I really want to blog about. And I've been wondering if the stuff I've been blogging about is just stuff to fill in content or stuff I love and am proud of. I think I know now what I will enjoy posting about but I'm very fickle. I have fads that I still need to make sense of but for now here's a picture of me and my coworkers on Halloween last Friday. We're missing one coworker though.


House Hunting


On Saturday Aaron and I went on our first house hunting trip! We saw a couple of open houses and we found this new area in Chino called College Park that we never heard of! There are a lot of new homes opening up there and it's definitely a potential for us. It gets me excited to look at homes and to imagine Aaron and I settling in. We love Alhambra but our goal is to move to a single family home where our surroundings are quieter to raise a family.

It's fun to look at the architecture of each home and to picture what furniture to place in each room and how to decorate it. Some of these homes are still being developed, so there are renderings of the different styles on their website. Here are some pictures! These are just some examples and not homes that we're necessarily interested in buying :)

Ecstatic Reunion Lettering

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Happy Monday! At our young adult church group we've been going through the book of Luke and last week our pastor talked about Luke 15 and the parable of the lost son. Our elementary kids also went thru this parable during Arts Academy (week 1, week 2). Anyway, this lettering I did was for one of my pastor's points in his sermon about the father seeing his son and being ECSTATIC!



I have not been making time for Foreign Creatures for the past 2 weeks! After 1 day of not blogging, I figured ehhhh what's another day of not blogging? And that led to 2 weeks of hiatus. It was a great break though! Though I still am lacking a bit of creativity, I am going to push myself with this first welcome back post.

Mary Kate Skillshare.png

My friend Katy referred me to Skillshare awhile back and I have a couple of lettering classes on my queue!

Introduction to the Art of Modern Calligraphy | Molly Jacques

Calligraphy 1: Writing in Classic Modern Script | Bryn Chernoff

Techniques for Lettering with Illustrator | Spencer Charles

The First Steps of Hand-lettering: Concept to Sketch (Lettering 1) | Mary Kate McDevitt