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Foreign Creatures


Last Conversations with Grandma

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While my grandma was in the nursing home, Aaron encouraged me to make conversation with her despite our language barrier.

Here are a couple of conversations we had with her in cantonese and while she was still able to talk with a couple of words.

Jess: Is there anything you want to tell me?
Grandma: Babies. When are you going to have babies?
J: Maybe next year
G: Good, have babies.
J: How many?
G: 3
J: How many boys and girls? 2 boys? 1 boy?
G: 2 boys, 1 girl
J: Why?
G: Boys are good
J: What's your favorite Bible verse?
G: Psalm 23

We didn't know Psalm in Chinese but we understood 23. Aaron told us it might be Psalm so we opened up her Bible and there was a bookmark on Psalm 23.

J: What's your favorite song?
G: Jesus, Loves Me

Presidents Day


I've been practicing my calligraphy a lot more and I'm really excited because this is a new hobby I wish to get better in. Happy Presidents Day and have a great day of productive rest for those who have a day off!