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Foreign Creatures


Repurposing a Gift Box


I got these amazing wooden boxes from my friend Tiffany and I'm excited for all the different possibilities you can do with them! These boxes were used for some medical stuff but for sure it is safe to use ;) So I decided to use one of the boxes for someone's birthday gift. I love how this box can be used as a wrapping box and that it can fit 1 year old clothes.

I also lined the inside of the box with fabric and a very cute animal paper print to cover the boxes' glue residue and other messes.

Washi Tape Pin Magnets


My friend Kirstie gave me a bunch of washi tapes for my birthday and I'm finding many uses for these wonderfully ornate tapes. I mean it's just tape! You can buy these clothes pin at the 99 cents store and the magnetic strips from Daiso. I found that these magnetic strips need a bit more adhesive like hot glue for more stability.


Easy peasy and it adds a nice cohesive look to your refrigerator!


Makeshop at Liferay


I've gotten the opportunity to work on a special project at my job at Liferay. Our graphic design team has created a branding for a creative workshop that will be held in the office about once a month during lunch. We made posters, a couple of emails and some samples so they know what they will be making. Each Makeshop we will be teaching the attendees how to make a particular craft that they can take home.


A couple of months ago I wanted to host a Floral Paper Workshop but I wasn't able to go through with it because of what was going on with my grandma at the time. But now I've gotten the opportunity to host a similar workshop at work, which I am pretty excited about! I'll be posting pictures of the workshop after it happens so stay tuned!

DIY Tote Bag


Saw this bag and was thinking...I need this! Well, I don't NEED it but it's pretty. It's simple and durable for an everyday wear. So I did it for about $6! I used vinyl, which I'm loving right now because it's easy to clean and looks a bit like leather. I also used 4 silver grommets so I can loop the handles through the bag.

Easy Tapestry Weaving


My first attempt with tapestry weaving and it was so simple! I see a lot more weaving in the future :) I'm excited to try different patterns and different yarn sizes for another tapestry project.

I used a rectangle cardboard to weave and some yarn that I've collected. Not sure if I was supposed to tie the string together in the back like that but I did it anyway.

Front of board

Front of board

Back of board

Back of board

Let the weaving begin! It's just over and under, over and under on repeat.

I ended the weave with knots and then knotted opposing yarn together as well.

And here are some of the pretty imperfections!

Excuse my yellow photos :)

Arts Academy Week 2

church, diyJessicaComment

Week 2 is complete! The kids said they had fun this week like last week so hooray! We had more time of sharing the gospel then we went straight through clay crafting for our terrariums.


They're making the father, the younger son and the house from Luke 15:11-32. They all surprised me! They did such a great job using clay since I thought their motor skills wouldn't be able to make such tiny objects.


Next week will be the last week of the Arts Academy - craft, which will be painting their clay and assembling their life terrariums. Then the following month will focus on fine arts!

Decorative Mobile

diyJessica1 Comment

As promised, here's the craft that I mentioned yesterday! This is a tad more complicated than what I had the kids work on over the weekend but it still has all of the same elements. And I'm not exactly sure what this is. So I'll call it a decorative the one I did a couple months ago for a baby shower.

I didn't end up using the yellow tiles for this project. And really, you can add anything that fits into the string onto your mobile...I just decided to choose these items.

Here's how to wrap a yarn around another yarn...

I also made tassels to be hung at the bottom of each string. And that's it! :)


Arts Academy Week 1

church, diyJessicaComment

This past Saturday was our first week of Arts Academy for 1st-5th graders. For 2 months we'll be learning and creating art based on the Parable of the Prodigal Son (Luke 15:11-32). I'm in charge of the first 3 weeks and we'll be doing hands on crafts as a reminder of our loving God. The father in the parable welcomes his younger son home after he's squandered all his money and left home. In the same way, God welcomes us with open arms even though we have abandoned and sinned against him. So we made decorative wind chimes to be placed outside their homes or their rooms to remind us that God is always welcoming and that we should welcome others in our lives.

After the 2 hour class was over, Kirstie, who was in charge of the 4th and 5th graders, said that the kids didn't enjoy this craft! I was quite bummed since I thought this project would be fun for all the kids but that's okay. We'll try again this coming Saturday!


My friends we're hard at work the night before prepping everything and I was so grateful! We made a quick sample for the kids but I would like to make a complete wind chime before I share this project with you guys.