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Foreign Creatures


Fig and Blueberry Salad


Yesterday I shared items I got from my organics box and with some of those items I made this delicious fig salad! These figs really make a difference. I also don't normally like blueberries in my salad but with olive oil, vinaigrette, and a pinch of garlic's amazing!

I also had a lot of fun shooting this blog post. Light can really make a difference!


Have a great weekend! Woohoo!

What's in Our Organics Box


I mentioned before that Aaron and I pick up organic fruits and vegetables almost every week from Abundant Harvest Organics.

This season we've been getting a lot of peaches, squash, cantaloupes, and corn. I also added on some blueberries, figs and oranges to this week's box. Btw, my box came with more than what you see in the picture :)

Here are some goodies that end up in our box. Is it nerdy to say I had a lot of fun taking these photos?


It's a fun challenge for Aaron and I to eat everything in our box and to stay healthy. I need to find more creative ways to make dishes besides just zucchini and squash soup.

Chocolate Chip Almond Butter Bars

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I bought a 26oz jar of almond butter from Costco and was thinking that there is no way I can eat this stuff with just bread alone. So I found this recipe online and thought I would try something similar. Why are my chocolate chips discolored? It's because it's been overly stored in humid conditions.

I just poured however amount of ingredients I thought looked necessary and right.

  • Almond butter
  • Honey
  • Oats
  • Chocolate chips
  • Assorted nuts

I mixed the almond butter and honey while I toasted my oats in the oven at 350 degrees for 10 minutes and then I mixed all the dry ingredients before pouring the wet ingredients over it. Mix the ingredients then lay it flat on a pan and cool it in the freezer for about 15 minutes. Then cut and eat!


Pizza Night!


Pizza night with grandma! My maternal grandmother told me that she loves Costco combo pizza (as does Aaron) but I absolutely love making my own pizza. I'm so plain. Just put garlic, butter and cheese on dough and I've fallen.

Aaron and I went over to her house a couple of days ago with some garlic and herb dough from Fresh & Easy and some other complementary ingredients. I asked what Grandma wanted on her pizza and she said to put whatever we put on our own pizza...and so we did.

So yummy!! Grandma thinks so too.

Abundant Harvest Organics Box


Some of you may know that 2 weeks ago Aaron and I picked up our very first box of Abundant Harvest Organics. We love it and it has lasted us 2 weeks! Here are a couple things we made with the items in it.

Squash and broccoli with chicken broth! ....and some other stuff. This was probably my favorite.


And stir fried noodles! I used no ingredients from my box for this but I can't NOT have noodles every week.


I'm going to the DTLA Night Market tomorrow night and will be eating lots more! Have a great and eatful weekend!

A Morning in LA

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Aaron and I both agreed that this past weekend was probably one of our best weekends yet because we spent it with family and friends nonstop. But this post will only be about what we did on our very eventful morning on Saturday. All photos are taken with an iPhone 5s too! We picked up our first Abundant Harvest box in Pasadena and we were so excited to use it this week. Yay organics!

We then visited our friend Rachel, the baker, at her job Proof Bakery and we caught her right when she was on break. We wanted to try the kale or bacon quiche but they were all sold out! Rachel says they're normally the first ones to be sold out. So we tried the ham and cheese croissant and ordered a macchiato. We also tried the pistachio croissant, which was so good!


After that we walked around Atwater Village and visited Sew L.A., Alias Books East, Boho Upcycle and Out of the Closet.


And lastly, we headed to Koreatown to try Honeymee, which has soft serve vanilla ice cream with drizzled honey or with a honeycomb. I tried the honeycomb because I never had it before and it was pretty good. I didn't like the little bits of pieces in it though. Aaron got the Sweetie, which is the soft serve with drizzled honey. THAT was worth it.

We were exhausted after this weekend but we would definitely do it again and again!