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Foreign Creatures


Arts Academy Week 3


The last weekend of Arts Academy Crafts! We got a little messier this time since the kids had to paint the clay they sculpted last week. They did a great job and I hope that they're reminded through these crafts that they can go to our forgiving God when they feel sad and hopeless.

They stuffed their jar with moss to emulate Luke 15:11-32 when the father embraces his son after the son squandered all of his father's money.

Their beautiful messes!

Flying Airplanes


This past Sunday was supposed to be my turn to teach the 1st graders in Sunday School but 2 days before I asked Aaron to sub for me. I think I just needed a break from teaching and Aaron said he will take care of it. He did a great job and I'm glad I can lean on someone to save me in such short notice.

Aaron taught on how we are all missionaries and that God provides resources for us and for those who are overseas. So he had the kids write 1 Peter 4:19 on paper airplanes and then the kids released them. 

Arts Academy Week 2

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Week 2 is complete! The kids said they had fun this week like last week so hooray! We had more time of sharing the gospel then we went straight through clay crafting for our terrariums.


They're making the father, the younger son and the house from Luke 15:11-32. They all surprised me! They did such a great job using clay since I thought their motor skills wouldn't be able to make such tiny objects.


Next week will be the last week of the Arts Academy - craft, which will be painting their clay and assembling their life terrariums. Then the following month will focus on fine arts!

Arts Academy Week 1

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This past Saturday was our first week of Arts Academy for 1st-5th graders. For 2 months we'll be learning and creating art based on the Parable of the Prodigal Son (Luke 15:11-32). I'm in charge of the first 3 weeks and we'll be doing hands on crafts as a reminder of our loving God. The father in the parable welcomes his younger son home after he's squandered all his money and left home. In the same way, God welcomes us with open arms even though we have abandoned and sinned against him. So we made decorative wind chimes to be placed outside their homes or their rooms to remind us that God is always welcoming and that we should welcome others in our lives.

After the 2 hour class was over, Kirstie, who was in charge of the 4th and 5th graders, said that the kids didn't enjoy this craft! I was quite bummed since I thought this project would be fun for all the kids but that's okay. We'll try again this coming Saturday!


My friends we're hard at work the night before prepping everything and I was so grateful! We made a quick sample for the kids but I would like to make a complete wind chime before I share this project with you guys.


Free Friday Nights


Last Friday was our last RA/GA (children ministry) fellowship for the year at church, which means that my Friday nights are now free again! Since Aaron still has GAP and Unikoi (Jr. High and High School ministry at church) on Friday nights, I'll have to find things to do on my own. And I'm excited to use that time to work on my personal projects and to just relax and hang out with friends.

Here's a picture from our sleepover last week. This year we got smarter and built a chair fort so we didn't have to sleep on the ground. Looks HM compared to the girls sleeping next to us.

Have a great Father's Day weekend!

YAN Retreat Highlights


Here are some quick snapshots from my time at retreat this week. I had a great time learning, catching up with my college friends, meeting new people and just enjoying the weekend. I hope your weekend was great too!


YAN Retreat


This weekend I'll be going to a young adult retreat at The Oaks with our church and a bunch of other churches in the LA, OC area. This year's theme is "A Life Worth Living" from Colossians 1:9-14. I'm pretty excited for it and hopefully I remember to take photos to share. It'll be fun meeting people from the other churches! This was a picture taken at the YAN Retreat 2 years ago.

Have a great 3 day weekend!

Kids and their Mother's Day Craft


On Friday and Sunday at church we had the kids make a mother's day gift. On Friday's, the girls and boys split up and on Sunday's the kids are combined. For the third graders on Friday we had the girls draw themselves and their mom. And on Sunday, we had the first graders decorate a picture frame. It was definitely a filled mother's day craft time.

Kids and their Mother's Day Craft2.JPG
Kids and their Mother's Day Craft3.JPG
Kids and their Mother's Day Craft4.JPG