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Foreign Creatures


Kitchen Findings


Since I got married and for the first time living with only one other person in the household, I noticed that I've been in the kitchen a lot more. Seems natural right? And since then, my kitchen cabinets have been filled with a lot of stuff. And it's not even food...I've been collecting a lot of household items. Here are some kitchen designs I've been pinning for the past year or so.

I love open shelving! I wonder if I'll still love it once I see all the dusts.

Got to have my white cabinets. Not sure how I would want the knobs to be like though. But I also love both of these counters! Oh, choices.

Here are some fun island ideas.


Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co Findings


While browsing through Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co and bookmarking the items I loved, I noticed a common trend in the items I chose to share. How funny and narrow thinking I'm sounding. I wonder for how long my style will remain like this.

Studio Space Findings


I love browsing at how other people make good use of their studio space. When Aaron and I own a home, we plan on using one room as an art studio room and another room as his music studio room. And I definitely need to be smart on how I organize all my stuff cause I have a lot of stuff. Here are some spaces that I like.

I thought this was a clever way to divide the rooms. Once we have kids, we might just have to do this.

The whiteness of this room is so nice and sterile. This would be close to my ideal space along with a table in the middle of the room.

I can never get my stuff to be an organized clutter like this.

I like the shapes of the back wall and how everything fits so well.

I like how organized this one is but the furniture isn't my style.

I love this white brick wall! Something I definitely want.