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Foreign Creatures


Ideas for a Floral Craft Party

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I've been wanting to host a DIY party and I haven't figured out what kind of party until a couple of days ago! Flowers are here and I'm starting to appreciate fresh flowers now! But I think for this party we will be making paper flower headpieces. I'm so excited to start planning and to get creative.

Here are some photos I gathered for inspiration.

WALL-E Party


Saturday was my cousin's kids' 4th year old birthday party and the theme was WALL-E! I helped make the taylor sign, the cups and some other little things and my cousin did the rest!

Photo by Emily

Photo by Emily

It was make-your-own-pizza lunch.

The sign was made with foam core and sadly my printer wasn't big enough to print the "4" on one piece of paper.

I have 2 themed parties I want to plan so hopefully I can host one soon and share with you all!

E30 Birthday Conference

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I had my first vendoring event on Sunday for Foreign Creatures. I vendored at a couple musical festivals and at UCI a couple years ago for another project I had going on and I loved it. It's fun to just sit in a shop and have people look at your stuff. Maybe someday I'll have my own store. Vending becomes such a joy because you see all your hard work on display and people actually buy your things. Here are some of the things I sold.

E30 1.jpg
E30 9.jpg
E30 2.jpg
E30 3.jpg

And the conference was so much fun. There was a flash mob, speakers who talked about leadership and organizing, dinner from Mama Yu's, photo booth, dancing and networking. It's so crazy to have thought that we were just at a 30 year old birthday conference.

E30 7.jpg
Flash mob!

Flash mob!

Dancing game

Dancing game

E30 5.jpg
E30 8.jpg

Thanks Erwin for hosting such a fun birthday conference!

E30 Vendor

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My friend Erwin is having his 30th birthday this Sunday at the Diamond Bar Center and he's making it a conference! I never heard of this idea before and I'm pretty stoked about it. There's going to be a couple of talks, raffles, a dinner, an open bar and a dance floor at the end! I got the opportunity to do the visuals for this conference and he even gave me a booth for the night, which means Foreign Creatures will be debuting in public!


I'll be selling some items and prints and be there for anyone who needs a freelance graphic designer. So this week I have been working hard to gather everything I need. And I think I pinpointed what color I want Foreign Creatures to be...GOLD! That's my new fad right now so I wonder if I'll be over it soon.

White House Party

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White House Party1.jpg

On Sunday we had a White House Party at our apartment. Get it? WHITE HOUSE...HOUSE PARTY? I love having themed parties and since yesterday was President's Day, we decided to Go USA! I always feel silly having themed parties but when everyone gets dressed up and bring themed dishes, it's always reassuring that they're into these parties.

White House Party3.jpg
White House Party9.jpg
White House Party8.jpg
White House Party4.jpg
White House Party7.jpg

We also played write-as-many-Presidents-as-you-can-remember and write-as-many-states-as-you-can-remember. And listened to some Presidential music while we partied.

White House Party5.jpg
White House Party12.jpg
White House Party6.jpg
White House Party2.jpg

Here are a few of the things I made for the party. I'll be posting the DIY's of this party in the next couple of days.

White House Party10.jpg
White House Party11.jpg

Here are also free Presidents Day theme templates I made that you can download. Just click on the image to save.



Snack baskets

Snack baskets

Presidents for Jars

Presidents for Jars

Presidents for Jars

Presidents for Jars

80's Birthday Party

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Last year I threw an 80's birthday party for one of my bridesmaids at our apartment.

80's Group Pic.jpg

I made a custom pizza station with parchment paper instead of plates so there's less washing of dishes. My fave!

80's Party Food.jpg

I also made glitter pencils as gifts by spray painting wood balls and hot gluing them to the eraser side of the pencil. I also attempted to bake a layered cake. One of my goals this year is to learn how to decorate a cake. I wish I could decorate many many cakes without having to bake many many cakes. Speaking of cakes, Grace from grace(full)eats celebrated her 1 year of her blog yesterday. Congratulations Grace!

80's Party.jpg