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Foreign Creatures


Pedal Board Base


This was going to be a bigger project than it came out to be but with our restrictions of having a pedal board fit into a briefcase, we made it as simple as can be. There's no hinges or crazy mechanics, which I actually wish it had. But since we're inexperienced in engineering such things, we just used 2 boards and velcro.

I measured the width and length of the inside of the briefcase then sawed the wood accordingly. Then we spray painted the wood black and put velcro on it so the pedals will stay on.


The point of this was so that Aaron can save a step of organizing his pedals on the floor whenever he played. But I'm looking forward to the day when we can create a better pedal board base :)

Floral Paper Workshop


Woohoo! A couple of weeks ago I was thinking what I really want to do next for myself and for Foreign Creatures. And voila! I decided to host a workshop. I love hosting parties and crafting so that's how I decided to host and plan my first floral paper workshop!

So if you like to craft, come and join the fun for only $10!

After you sign up, you will receive an email a couple of days before the event of the location's address. Spots are limited! Email me at if you have any questions or if you would like me to host a workshop for your next party!

Mickey Mouse Ears Headband


This past weekend I made cardboard Mickey Mouse ears with my cousin's kid. There are better ways to do this but with cardboard, washi tape, glitter and Daiso becomes a fun project.

I also didn't bring hot glue with me so we had to be creative in how we attached the ears to the headband. We ended up using string and tied them together.


DIY iPad stand

diyJessica6 Comments

I'm so excited to share this project with you! I currently use a picture holder for my mini iPad and I wanted something more modern. And I saw this on Etsy and thought to try to make it myself. It's a very easy me :)

You only need 2 pieces of basswood, hot glue, x-acto knife and paint of choice. Make sure your basswood is thick enough so your tablet is secure.

First, cut one of your basswood into 2 different sized pieces. My first cut was .75 inches long then I cut another .5 inches off the other piece. From the picture below, I used the left piece for the front of my stand and the middle piece for the back of my stand and I threw away the far right piece. Test out your tablet on the wood before cutting the pieces to make sure that's the angle you want your tablet to be at.


Then hot glue your 2 cut pieces onto your other basswood like so. Then paint it whatever color you like. I wanted a bronze color to emulate a wood finish and this paint worked perfectly.


So easy! So try it!

Ideas for a Floral Craft Party

diy, partyJessicaComment

I've been wanting to host a DIY party and I haven't figured out what kind of party until a couple of days ago! Flowers are here and I'm starting to appreciate fresh flowers now! But I think for this party we will be making paper flower headpieces. I'm so excited to start planning and to get creative.

Here are some photos I gathered for inspiration.

Victorian Wedding Guestbook DIY

diyJessica2 Comments

Here's a pretty simple way to make your own Victorian inspired wedding guestbook! With help from my friend Kirstie we were able to complete this project in maybe 2 hours if it wasn't for Netflix.

I printed pages of the married couple on 11x17 paper and then trimmed it to 8.5x11. Then combined those pages with 4 sheets of folded cardstock. That leaves you with 5 papers total that you can start binding with white string. I estimated with 350 guests, you'll need approximately 25 full letter sized paper, which means 5 sets of 5. Did I do that math correctly?

Wedding Guestbook DIY 1.JPG

For the cover I used the front and back of an old book I had. I tore some of the inner lining and then spray painted the cover gold. Then I used a drill to drill a hole big enough to pull a ribbon through then lined the inside cover with black paper that I wrote on.

To bind all the books together I used a thicker ribbon to go through the holes in the cover and through the strings of the paper then I tied it together at the end.

Questions? Did I explain it okay? Hopefully these pictures guide you well through this DIY project.

Gold Caps


I'm still on my gold spraying frenzy right now and I wanted to give an update to some of my containers at home. The top spray is Krylon's 18kt. Gold Plate and the bottom spray is Kyrlon's Metallic spray paint. The picture isn't blurry, it's just the way I spray painted the paper. The metallic is more bronze and looks more dated. I like both of them but for this project I used the 18kt. Gold Plate. I used 3 coats for each cap and everything looks so smooth and natural as it can be.

I bought these containers from Ikea like 7 years ago.

Ta-da! What a difference :) I'll probably be updating my tea labels sometime too.


Now what else can I spray paint?

A Worthy Woman Bridal Gift

church, diyJessica2 Comments

A couple of weeks ago my pastor gave a sermon about 6 Facets of a Worthy Woman for our Biblical Manhood and Womanhood series. I think my pastor said he got these characteristics from another pastor but I don't remember. These 6 characteristics is from the woman described in Proverbs 31:10-31. So for my friends' bridal shower, I thought I would share what I learned about a worthy wife and give her gifts that resemble each facet.


The first is her character as a wife so I got her this box that will hold everything I got her. I'm so happy I found this box at Home Goods. It had 6 slots and I was so tempted to just keep it for myself.

The second one is her devotion as a homemaker so I bought coconut oil. Healthy and practical.


Her generosity as a neighbor. I put together a cookie recipe so she can bake it and share it with her neighbors. Unfortunately the jar wasn't big enough so it only makes 6 cookies.

Her influence as a teacher. This gift doesn't really have anything to do with the way a teacher is described in the verse...which is about teaching from your life and how godliness should be on how you live and what you say.


The fifth characteristic is her effectiveness as a mother. Though she's not a mother, a mom makes sure the people in her house have enough. So I got her tea so she will have energy to invest her time in her household.

And the last characteristic is her excellence as a person...which I won't share ;) I had a fun time collecting everything and personalizing this gift. It was a challenge and something fun I wanted to share with you all.