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Foreign Creatures


Sunday School: Tell Others


Yesterday's Sunday School class was a wrap up from Palm Sunday and Easter. We did an overview of what they learned about Jesus dying on the cross for their sins and raising on the third day. And today's question was what's next? The kids know all this but God calls us to evangelize and tell others God's story. We have to live for Him by obeying his word.

  1. Everyone shared one thing they did this weekend
  2. Pray
  3. Activity - I had them write 3 things about themselves and then I read them out loud for the kids to guess which kid wrote it. It was a good thing I had them write 3 different things. I got some answers that were quite odd so I only used 1 answer from each kid.
  4. Overview of Luke 23
  5. Matthew 28:19 - I broke down the verse for them so they understood what each word meant.
  6. They wrote and memorized Matthew 28:19

It seems like a short lesson but there was a lot of talking. One of my kids said it sounds like I'm making a speech. I do tend to talk a lot so I hope it wasn't too much listening for them!

A Worthy Woman Bridal Gift

church, diyJessica2 Comments

A couple of weeks ago my pastor gave a sermon about 6 Facets of a Worthy Woman for our Biblical Manhood and Womanhood series. I think my pastor said he got these characteristics from another pastor but I don't remember. These 6 characteristics is from the woman described in Proverbs 31:10-31. So for my friends' bridal shower, I thought I would share what I learned about a worthy wife and give her gifts that resemble each facet.


The first is her character as a wife so I got her this box that will hold everything I got her. I'm so happy I found this box at Home Goods. It had 6 slots and I was so tempted to just keep it for myself.

The second one is her devotion as a homemaker so I bought coconut oil. Healthy and practical.


Her generosity as a neighbor. I put together a cookie recipe so she can bake it and share it with her neighbors. Unfortunately the jar wasn't big enough so it only makes 6 cookies.

Her influence as a teacher. This gift doesn't really have anything to do with the way a teacher is described in the verse...which is about teaching from your life and how godliness should be on how you live and what you say.


The fifth characteristic is her effectiveness as a mother. Though she's not a mother, a mom makes sure the people in her house have enough. So I got her tea so she will have energy to invest her time in her household.

And the last characteristic is her excellence as a person...which I won't share ;) I had a fun time collecting everything and personalizing this gift. It was a challenge and something fun I wanted to share with you all.


Sunday School: Palm Sunday


Since Easter is coming up we taught the kids about Palm Sunday. To help me with the lesson I used John Piper's help from here, here and here. Here's a very very short outline of what we did:

  1. Finished quilt drawings from last week/independent reading
  2. Pray
  3. Class crossword puzzle with words from our lesson
  4. Lesson
    1. Matthew 21:1-11
  5. Activity - Make palm leaves
    1. What: Have the kids trace their hands on green paper and tape a chopstick behind it and then write the words "Hosanna in the highest!" on the paper.
  6. Activity - Reenact Matthew 21:1-11
    1. What: Have the kids reenact the lesson with their palm leaves

Sunday School: Build and Rest


For the past month we have been teaching the first graders about Moses and the tabernacle in Exodus 31. Today we concluded the lesson and focused on the Sabbath.

  1. Independent Reading
  2. Pray
  3. Walk around the church
    1. What: We walked around the church talking a bit about the history of our church. We went downstairs and I explained that we're expanding and we have some people who will be building new classrooms and centers so we can have more space.
    2. Purpose: The kids will learn about our church and know that it is hard work but that people need a place to worship God.
  4. Lesson
    1. Exodus 40 - The tabernacle erected. God used everything he asked of the people. Everything was used.
    2. Exodus 31:12 - God commands us to rest on the Sabbath
  5. Questions
    1. Who decides what you and your family does on Sundays?

    2. How do you rest?

  6. Activity - Building a Kite
    1. What: Have the kids draw on one side of the kite the materials needed to build a tabernacle and have the kids draw things they do on Sundays on the other side. Remind the kids that they need to work hard for God but that He also commands us to rest. We went back downstairs to test out the kites and for the kids to have fun. It was a joy to see them run around. They're so cute and fun!

Youth Church Drill


On Sunday we had our first church drill. And they all passed! Which means they are going to the Associate Drill in 2 weeks. They are doing such a great job. It's a lot of hard work but the ultimate purpose of Bible Drill is for them to retain these verses and use it as an encouragement.

Youth Church Drill1.JPG
Youth Church Drill2.JPG

Sunday School: Give Cheerfully

Cheerfully Give1.jpg

Yesterday we got an intern for our first grade class. In order to teach a Sunday School class, you need to take a Teacher Training Program (one year) or graduate from seminary school... and so we had someone who observed the class. It's always nice to have extra help as well.

This is what I taught for giving:

  1. Independent Reading
    1. What: We have a set of books in our classroom at all times for the kids to read. It varies between Berenstain Bears to Moses and Finding Jesus (similar to this). I recommend the latter book because it's a pretty fun book...even for myself. I love to find Jesus in the pages. Which gives me the idea of having the kids find a specific word on a page. That would be fun! And that can help them learn a "Bible" vocabulary word.
    2. Purpose: They can settle down a bit before the rest of the kids come
  2. Pray
  3. Game
    1. What: Have the kids get into a circle and have their hands out and eyes closed. Give 2 kids a coin to place on any of the other kids' hands and then have them go back to their original spot. The kids who received a coin will have to guess which one of their peers gave them a coin. You can try this activity with any other small object.
    2. Purpose: Today's lesson is about giving and we just played a game where you had to give someone something.
  4. Lesson
    1. Exodus 35 - Moses assembles the Israelites to gather things to build the tabernacle
    2. v. 1-3: Moses assembles the people
    3. v. 4-9: Moses lists things to bring
    4. v. 10-19: Moses lists things to make
    5. v.20-30: The people bring what they have
    6. v. 31-35: People use their skills to build
  5. Questions
    1. What did God want the Israelites to bring? (Have the kids list them out in a team)

    2. Why did the people have to bring these things? What were they making? (Have the kids lists the things their making)

    3. What kind of attitude did the people who gave have?

    4. What can we give to God?

    5. What has God given you?

  6. Activity 2 - Banners
    1. What: Have the kids write or draw what they can give joyfully on colored construction paper and hang it in the classroom after everyone is done. Below is a picture of some of the kids' banners. They didn't finish in time so we'll finish it next Sunday.
Cheerfully Give2.jpg

Youth Bible Drill - they got it

photo (3).JPG

We had our first full youth Bible Drill practice yesterday where we score them on their knowledge and performance. This is my first time doing Bible Drill and it was hard for me to keep up! We had to watch all 12 students and mark them if we see something wrong. When a student comes out of line when they find the verse, your eye immediately goes to them and after the first student comes out, it's like a ripple effect. The rest of the students come out and you forget to watch if they stepped out of line before their finger was on the verse.

These kids really impress me. It's hard for me to memorize things but these students totally got it down and I pray that they understand and take these verses seriously and as a daily encouragement.

The Church Bible Drill is in 2 weeks and these students totally got it.

Sunday School: Working Hard


Yesterday's Sunday School went a lot better than the last time I taught! God has given me patience for these kids and definitely words to speak. In the beginning of class one of my kids started to cry. I never know what to do when a kid cries! But then I spoke with her outside and then everything was better. I also need to remind myself to take pictures during Sunday School!

Working Hard.jpg

Here's the breakdown of my lesson on Working Hard:

  1. Snowflake Craft

    • What: Store bought snowflakes from craft store.

    • Purpose: They love crafts and this was a fast and simple craft to start the morning.

  2. Prayer Requests

    • What: Each kid writes their prayer requests on a slip of paper

    • Purpose: They've been doing this pretty often and I want the kids to be able to make requests to God and learn how to pray. When asked what their prayer requests are, they normally can't think of anything so I've been having them really think about it and write it down. They've been doing so well with this!

  3. Hook

    • What: Ask the kids what kind of work they do. Some answers I got were: school, fold clothes, clean the dishes, clean their room and put away their toys.

    • Purpose: Leads into how God gives us work to do and how God gave people in the Bible work to do. For example, God has given Noah, Moses and Jesus a job to do and they all completed God's job with a good attitude.

  4. Lesson

    • Genesis 2:4-24 - God made Adam and Eve and gave them the job of tending the garden and cultivating it (v. 15). God also gave Adam the job of naming every living creature (v.19-20).

    • I also asked the kids what's the greatest work God has done? God has done the greatest work by sending his son to die for us. Jesus has done the greatest work for us by forgiving our sins. So we have to have a good attitude as well and do our best for God.

  5. Activity - String Bracelets/Keychain

    • What: Have the kids use string to make bracelets or keychain (similar to this but a lot simpler).

    • PurposeWe have to work hard and do our best. If we want a bracelet, we have to work hard for it. This could be a reminder bracelet for them as well.